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We are offering expansion bellows to our client,which are used to absorb movement in piping caused by thermal changes. Belman is a globally recognised supplier of engieered expansion joints and metallic expansion bellows sized dn 25 12000. It contains two sets of hinge pins that are 90 degrees to the. Rubber, slidetype and metalflanged expansion joints can be found in many piping systems, spools and as a flexible piece of the bellows. These motions are possible because of the ability of the convolution. Expansion joint 17 expansion jointball jointflexible joint. Flange connection general stainless steel metal bellow expansion joint. A new engineering tool which concisely and comprehensively clarifies the answers to the most common questions, issues and concerns in relation to expansion joints. Garlock expansion joints offer superior performance, reliability, and service life, resulting in improved plant safety and increased mechanical integrity of equipment.

Flange connection general stainless steel metal bellow expansion joint is the most common and popular, it is mainly used in pipe. The bellows bottom line practical advice on expansion joints by greg perkins sept 2014 this month how an inline externally pressurized pressurebalanced works a nopressure thrust axial expansion. Download expansion joint brochures and catalogues belman as. Petroleum and gas expansion joints, also known as gelbring expansion joints, are engineered for blended fuels up to 50% aromatic content, petroleum based products, and for cooling water. An expansion joint refers to a metal bellows expansion joint designed to absorb axial, lateral and angular motions in piping system. Expansion joint replacement is also available if the current product has failed or needs to be replaced. The tefbellows is an expansion joint that combines the properties of metal and ptfe into the most advanced expansion joint available for highly corrosive piping systems. Gimbal expansion joints a gimbal expansion joint is almost the same as the hinge type, except it can accept angular deflection in any plane.

Expansion joint bellows are capable of movement in an axial, angular or lateral direction. Furthermore they are equipped with compression screws. Flange connection general stainless steel metal bellow. Bellows expansion joint with hydroformed bellows for minimal residual stresses. Low corrugated rubber bellows with reinforcing inserts and. You can also find technical information as a pdf download at. These joints are normally thinwalled, with a normal minimum wall of 116. Control rods are not designed to restrain bellows pressure thrust. Cover a device used to provide limited protection of the exterior surface of the bellows of an expansion joint from foreign objects or mechanical damage. All garlock expansion joint styles have been rigorously lab and fieldtested, and engineered to ensure long life and reliable service. Torsion on bellow parts are not desir able and should be eliminated.

The expansion joints are equipped with restrained screws which bridge convoluted part of expansion joint and absorb the pressure thrust force. Getting prepared starting with manufacturers instructions, gather. Expansion joints installation and maintenance guide. Expansion joint bellows expansion bellows manufacturer. Metal expansion joints and metal bellows hose master. When this movement is not absorbed by the piping system.

Under pressure the expansion joint bellows produces a reaction. Download metallic expansion joint catalog us bellows. Floating plate flangestype 66 unaflex type 66 expansion joints are provided with class 150 drilling carbon steel. The inline pressure balanced metal bellows expansion joint is used in a straight piping run to absorb axial movement with minimal thrust forces imposed on the system anchors. Garlock expansion joints contents expansion joint styles. The most common type of expansion joint used in pressure vessels is bellows expansion joints. No one can offer greater security or variety in meeting your needs for steam or any. A new engineering tool which concisely and comprehensively clarifies the answers to the most common questions, issues and. Rubber expansion joints compensators are used as flexible connectors within pipe systems.

It is usually furnished with limit rods or full thrust tie rods, depending upon the service. Pdf failure of 304 stainless bellows expansion joint. A curtainwall expansion joint, seismic colorsealds is a multifaced, siliconecoated, precompressed, primary seal in structural, highmovement, joints in virtually any substrate. Design of spool type joints to over 10 foot 120 or 3m i. Failure of 304 stainless bellows expansion joint article pdf available in engineering failure analysis 123. Devices used to restrict the range of movement of a bellows. Bellows expansion joints because the bellows expansion joint is required to absorb thermal andor mechanical movements, the bellows element must be constructed. The bellows is the flexible element of the expansion joint. View an instant pdf of the product of the week showcase book. Control and isolation of flue gas in a wide variety. Metal bellows expansion joints offer a cost effective alternative to other expansion devices while optimizing the productive life of a piping system.

We strongly advise against the use of expansion joints and bellows for misalignment. Metal bellows expansion joints metal expansion bellows. The basic flexible element of an expansion joint is the metal bellows, which is. Unless restrained, the pressure thrust force will stretch the bellows of the expansion joint back into a cylinder. Torsion destabilizes an expansion joint reducing its ability to. Metal expansion joints thermal growth, equipment movement, vibration or pressure pulsation may generate movement in a piping system. Metal bellows expansion joints for expansion and contraction. These bellows are made up of alloy 316 stainless steel and also stock alloys 304. In line pressure balanced expansion joint two ply monitored bellows design temperature. Comflex metallic expansion joints engineering guide. Expansion joint detail for 1 25 mm joint to provide adequate clearance between metal flanges and bellows for a 1in. Series 1500 laminated bellows expansion joints are designed for installations where the principal movement is axial.

Ethylene flexijoint ptfe expansion joints are flexible connectors and tremor barriers designed to compensate for misalignment, absorb expansion and contraction, and isolate vibration and shock in. A bellows expansion joint is an assembly of two or more bellows which help to tackle expansion or contraction in the system. Using customerprovided components from an expansion joint removed from service, hose master can replace bellows and often reuse preexisting pipe and fittings. Prior to 1988, coverage of metallic bellows expansion joints in asme b31. Technical notes for metal bellows expansion joints and.

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