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It is threatened by the loss of mangrove habitat throughout its range, primarily due to extraction and coastal development, and there has been an estimated 24% decline in mangrove area within this species range since 1980. List of various diseases cured by avicennia officinalis. Avicennia germinans black mangrove aggie horticulture. Rhizaeris alba, schousboa commutata, laguncularia obovata laguncularia racemosa is also known as white buttonwood. It is commonly included with the family verbenaceae. Avicennia alba merupakan jenis pionir pada habitat rawa mangrove di lokasi pantai yang terlindung, juga di bagian yang lebih asin di sepanjang pinggiran sungai yang dipengaruhi pasang surut, serta di sepanjang garis pantai. Avicennia definition is a small genus of tropical shrubs or trees family verbenaceae having opposite evergreen leaves and terminal clusters of small flowers with five sepals, four petals, and a capsular fruit. This species is widespread, is fastgrowing and can be locally common.

Priznato je manje od deset vrsta koje rastu po tropskoj americi, africi i aziji i u australiji. Avicennia definition of avicennia by merriamwebster. Investigating the effect of soil ph on the germination of avicennia alba seedlings lim zhi kai1, genevieve ngoh hwee peng1, goh ming min1, loh tze yuan ken1 1 temasek junior college, 22 bedok south road, singapore 469278 little green dot student research grant project report. However, the highest tf for pb and zn was found in sonneratia alba. Avicennia officinalis, apiapi daun lebar, apiapi ludat. Phytochemicals of avicennia species research journal. Quantitative analysis of the root system of avicennia alba. Growth, crown architecture and leaf dynamics of saplings of five. A multipurpose tree, it is harvested from the wild for use as an insect repellent, dye plant, source of tannins, timber etc. Leaf blades shiny dark green above and white waxy below latin alba, white, as well as the malay, putih refer to this feature, usually eggshaped, elliptic or lanceshaped with a pointed tip but can be very variable even within the same branch. Avicennia alba and avicennia marina and avicennia officinalis and avicennia rumphiana on nparks flora and fauna website. It is commonly known as api api which in the malay language means fires, a reference to the fact that fireflies often congregate on these trees. Avicennia alba is an evergreen shrub or small tree that can grow up to 30 metres tall but is usually much smaller325.

Uses the wood, used to construct boats, houses, and wharves has been studied as a pulp source, and the bark and roots are used for tanning. Pdf the genus avicennia, a pioneer group of dominant mangrove. Names of avicennia officinalis in various languages of the world are also given. Plants of these two species naturally grow at the seaward side of a mangrove forest. Bioactivity of marine mangrove plant avicennia alba on.

Avicennia has a wide geographical distribution, with members found in intertidal estuaries along many of the worlds tropical and warm temperate coasts. Apiapi putih avicennia alba family avicenniaceae from western india to southeast asia and western pacific. In addition, it is also used to produce low quality firewood and has medicinal properties. In recent years, green synthesis of silver nanoparticles agnps has gained much interest from chemists and researchers and also increasing commercial demand for nanoparticles due to their wide applicability in various areas such as. Early growth and survival of avicennia alba seedlings under. The genus avicennia was dedicated in honor of abu sina, latinized as avicennia 9801036 ad, of bokhara, arab physician and. The middle zone is the area towards the interior side of the. In the malay language it is known as api api putih, api meaning fire, referring to the fact that this mangrove attracts fireflies, and putih meaning white, referring to the palecoloured underside of the leaves. The bark is used for dying cloth, the ash for washing it in india watt and breyerbrandwijk 1962. Pdf the genus avicennia comprises eight species of mangrove trees that occur in. Pdf in australasia including australia, new zealand, new guinea and other islands in the southwestern pacific the mangrove.

Avicennia, rod primogovki smjesten u vlastitu potporodicu avicennioideae. Regarding the timber useage, burkill quotes foxworthy, altogether it a very unsatisfactory woodthe least useful of the mangroveswamp woodsand the tree is usually considered as a weed in the swamps. Vierh the record derives from wcsp data supplied on 20120323 which reports it as a synonym record 18435 with original publication details. World register of marine species avicennia alba blume worms. It contains mangrove trees, which occur in the intertidal zones of estuarine areas and are characterized by its pencil roots which are aerial roots. The capability of avicennia alba to accumulate pb, cu and zn heavy metals compared with other species is highly important for determining a suitable species for phytoremediation. Antidiarrhoeal and antinociceptive activities of leafs avicennia alba. The effect on survival of a factorial combination of five moist storage treatments fresh seeds in a polyethylene bag, open with water sprayed over regularly, mixed with sand at 10% moisture content, mixed with moist paddy hulls, or naked. Local government and community support is required from the outset for successful implementation of communitybased mangrove rehabilitation projects.

Avicennia merupakan elemen karakteristik mangrove paling luar di sepanjang pinggir pantai atau di darat di daerah pasang surut sungai. In this study, the methanolic heartwood extract of am was evaluated for inhibitory activity against 5. Phylogenetic relationships among the mangrove species of. Guidebook to the biodiversity of linting wetlands, 2015. Uses information on avicennia species is confused, due to the difficulty, historically at any rate, of distinguishing the species. During the survey, a severe lepidopteran infestation was observed on the avicennia alba blume, which is one of the major mangrove species of sunderbans.

Both avicennia and sonneratia produce pneumatophores. Plants profile for avicennia germinans black mangrove. Avicennia officinalis herb uses, benefits, cures, side. Bunga berbentuk seperti trisula, bergerombol di ujung tandan. Hepatotoxicity was induced by paracetamol, and the biochemical parameters such as serum. Avicenniaceae apiapi putih by tay ying ling jessica, 2014, on taxo4254. Concentrations of zinc, copper and lead were studied during 2011 and 2012 in the stem and leaf of dominant mangrove flora, avicennia alba inhabiting indian sundarbans.

Thus on this occasion, the writer would like to express his deepest gratitude to. A study from different part of world of pollen were recorded from the antilles in mexico, the, the northern south america and central america 8 indicates the neotropical environments were firstly occupied by nypa, pelliceria, acrostichum, and brevitricolpites variabilis. Avicennia is named after ibn sina 9801037 ad, a persian physicianphilosopher who gained fame by curing, at the tender age of 17, the king of bukhhara of an ailment that other physicians were unable to treat. On the other hand, the highest tf for cu was found in rhizopora mucronata. Allometry, biomass, and productivity of mangrove forests. In protoplasts isolated from cultured cells, glutamine and alanine were the major amino acids. Avicennia germinans in the germplasm resources information network grin, u. Trentepohliaceae, ulvophyceae, chlorophyta, a new chlorophyte species from indian sundarbans. Mereka adalah pionir yang mampu dengan cepat beradaptasi pada suasana lumpur atau pada zona pinggir sungai. A guide to the mangroves of singapore i plant diversity.

The main species in this zone are rhizophora apiculata, r. How avicennia officinalis is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Among several mangrove species, three types of avicennia sp. Produce quality pdf files in seconds and preserve the integrity of your original documents. Pdf a systematic revision of the mangrove genus avicennia. Rap publication 200607 food and agriculture organization of the united nations regional office for asia. Mangrove guidebook for southeast asia pdf online downloadable. Apiapi jambu avicennia marina family avicenniaceae eastern africa to india, southeast asia, china, japan, australia and western pacific islands. Potential mangrove species in porong river estuary as. The objective of this study is to evaluated avicennia alba dan a.

Avicennia offlcinalis and avicennia alba and acanthus a. Natural products chemistry of the mangrove species avicennia spp. Bioactivity of marine mangrove plant avicennia alba on selected plant and oral pathogens varahalarao vadlapudi and k chandrasekhar naidu 1phytochemical lab, department of botany, andhra university, visakhapatnam. Avicennia alba is within the scope of wikiproject australia, which aims to improve wikipedia s coverage of australia and australiarelated topics. Early growth and survival of avicennia alba seedlings. Communitybased mangrove rehabilitation training manual 12. The genus avicennia contains about 15 species which grow along tropical and subtropical shores. Association with bruguiera gymnorhiza, heritiera fomes, avicennia spp, sonneratia alba, xylocarpus spp, inland mangroves in ayeyarwady delta mangroves colonize on the deposits of silts of rivers predominant species are heritiera fomes association with excoecaria. Distribution and morphological adaptations of avicennia. Relation between amino acids profiles and recalcitrancy of. Department of agriculture agricultural research service. In this present study avicennia alba was screened for antimicrobial activity against some clinical and. The numbers of polymorphic compound microsatellite markers isolated were four, four and three for a.

Uses, benefits, cures, side effects, nutrients in avicennia officinalis. Sonneratia alba,rhizophora apiculata andavicennia marina var. Occurrence of seasonal water replacement in mangrove soil. Avicennia alba was monitored monthly using dendrometer bands and was analyzed in relation to water replacement. The diversity study recorded a total of 10 true mangroves and 8. Halophilic and salts tolerant protoplast cultures of mangrove. Communitybased mangrove rehabilitation training manual. Soil water salinity showed remarkable seasonal variation that was influenced by the infiltration of inundated water from the river. Avicennia alba blume is a synonym of avicennia marina forssk. As with other mangroves, it occurs in the intertidal zones of estuarine areas.

Buy avicennia marina grey mangrove, select amount and size and put your mangrove to the shopping basket. Research article diversity, phenology and variation of. Aug 17, 2012 the effects of sea salts, nacl, kcl, mgcl2, mgso4, and cacl2, on the growth of protoplast cultures of two mangrove species, sonneratia alba and avicennia alba, were investigated using 96well culture plates. Agak jarang ditemukan, apiapi ini menyebar terutama di kepulauan. Avicennia alba is a species of tropical mangrove in the family acanthaceae. Pages in category avicennia the following 8 pages are in this category, out of 8 total. This includes the testing of a common allometric equation, which may be applicable to mangroves worldwide. Avicennia definition of avicennia by the free dictionary. Quantitative analysis of the root system of avicennia alba based on the pipe model theory chadtip rodtassana, sasitorn poungparn department of botany, faculty of science, chulalongkorn university, 254 phayathai road, bangkok 10330 thailand corresponding author, email. Start this article has been rated as startclass on the projects quality scale. Avicennia sering berkelompok atau dalam tegakan murni dan sangat toleran terhadap kondisi hipersalinitas. Avicennia alba subscribed to a channel 9 months ago pause dev channel. Pdf antidiarrhoeal and antinociceptive activities of. Habit of avicennia alba the pneumatophores of arise from lateral root growing out of the sand fruiting branch.

A systematic revision of the mangrove genus avicennia avicenniaceae in australia. The tree is harvested from the wild for its timber and resin. As a reward, he asked only for permission to use the kings library. Early growth and survival of avicennia alba seedlings under excessive sedimentation article pdf available in scientific research and essays 518 november 2009 with 278 reads. If you would like to participate, visit the project page. The diversity of plant species in a mangrove forest in the coast of. Original tissues of cultured cells of three mangrove species were cotyledons and hypocotyls, leaves, and cotyledons, respectively. The genus avicennia was dedicated in honor of abu sina, latinized as avicennia 9801036 ad, of bokhara, arab physician and philosopher.

To study the hepatoprotective activity of ethanolic extracts of avicennia alba leaves against paracetamolinduced liver damage in rats. As shown above, there are many advantages of mangroves and hence with better knowledge of. Giesen, wim and stephan wulffraat, max zieren and liesbeth scholten. Avicennia, genus comprising at least eight species of trees or shrubs in the family acanthaceae. Black mangroves are threatened by habitat conversion, pollution, hurricanes and other threats, which have resulted in declines throughout the wider caribbean region. Avicennia marina, commonly known as grey mangrove or white mangrove, is a species of mangrove tree classified in the plant family acanthaceae formerly in the verbenaceae or avicenniaceae. In some other plots, the soil textures were clay loam, moderately sandy and silty. Early growth and survival of avicennia alba seedlings under excessive sedimentation nur arina muhamad affandi1, babak kamali2, rozainah mz 1, noraini mohd tamin2 and roslan hashim2 1institute of biological sciences, university of malaya, 50603 kuala lumpur, malaysia. Investigating the effect of soil ph levels on levels of. The genus avicennia, a pioneer group of dominant mangrove plant. Avicennia synonyms, avicennia pronunciation, avicennia translation, english dictionary definition of avicennia.

Avicenniaceae verbenaceae black mangrove the genus avicennia contains about 15 species which grow along tropical and subtropical shores. Avicennia africana, avicennia alba, avicennia bicolor, avicennia eucalyptifolia, avicennia germinans, avicennia integra. Apiapi putih avicennia alba on the shores of singapore. Pdf teknologi fitoremediasi avicennia alba dalam upaya. Rhizophora spp, avicennia alba, and ceriops tagal dominated this zone because this zone had sufficient essential elements. Avicequinone c isolated from avicennia marina exhibits 5. Avicennia marina am exhibits various biological activities and has been traditionally used in egypt to cure skin diseases. Apiapi wikipedia bahasa indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas. As for the specific species avicennia alba, it serves as a food source to us and small creatures living in the region. Avicennia is a genus of flowering plants currently placed in the bears breeches family, acanthaceae. Investigating the effect of soil ph on the germination of. Partnerships with local governments, schools and technical support and specialist groups enhance the scale and scope of mangrove. Low this article has been rated as lowimportance on the projects importance scale. Bioactivity of marine mangrove plant avicennia alba on selected.

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