Is die hard 2 a christmas movie

A yougov poll found 56 percent said the 1988 film isnt a christmas movie. Fans of the first installment will enjoy appearances by reginald vel johnson family matters as johns lapd buddy and william atherton ghostbusters, real genius as an opportunist news reporter. John mcclane attempts to avert disaster as rogue military operatives seize control of dulles international airport in washington, d. Little does your wacky friend know though, that there is an even better alternative christmas movie. The comment made by the kid john catches stealing candy about it being christmas is just a metaphor meaning you can have what you want because there are no cops around. The film was directed by renny harlin, written by steven e. Lethal weapon, kiss kiss bang bang and iron man 3 black wrote the former and directed the latter two are all set at christmas, yet were released in august, october and may. Many have argued for it, with the majority of the arguments tracing their roots back to a simple cracked article from 2009. Its like when argyle and john first drive towards nakatomi plaza and disagree over whether christmas in hollis is christmas music. Everything is geared towards christmas primary motivator. Spectacle, and the american action movie that the villains were based on americas central american meddling, primarily the irancontra affair. At a great price and upon ordering, it was delivered the next day.

Official youtube channel for 20th century fox movies. Plus, there are other movies which would pass some of these tests despite being less chritsmassy overall. With bruce willis, william atherton, bonnie bedelia, reginald veljohnson. The packaging is different, and some years it hangs nowhere near the tree, but that makes it no less part of the tradition. But it does embrace the holiday and makes it a relevant part. I know many others have either watched them already. This installment also features dennis franz nypd blue as the head of the airport police.

Wearing a comfortable jumper, hes still mcclane here, treating the good guys with respect and the authority figures. Sure, the christmas joy ends quickly once the terrorists start taking hostages, but is there a better. Ad predictably, john mcclane himself snuffing out nostalgia blew up social media. While the idea of bruce williss sardonic, seenitall police officer john. Independence day is not a christmas movie, everything else can be if you watch it at christmas, on a regular basis. The film is still considered as perhaps the greatest action film of all time. Along with the tight pacing, the movie is filled with great oneliners that are still quoted by fans to this day. Some feel that because the events of the film occur on. Dec 18, 2018 john mcclane bruce willis has to save his wife holly bonnie bedelia and others who were taken captive by hans gruber alan rickman on christmas.

Personally, i think no one needs that negativity in their lives, and you should cut them out asap when they start in on john mcclane. You hear it every year, the refrain of the party poopers who want to ruin everyones fun. It would still be a phenomenal movie if you changed its setting just a little bit. Based on roderick thorps 1979 novel nothing lasts forever, it was produced by the gordon company and silver pictures, and distributed by 20th century fox. The film costars bonnie bedelia, william sadler, art evans, william atherton, franco nero, dennis. With bruce willis, alan rickman, bonnie bedelia, reginald veljohnson.

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